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Datamotiv specializes in Retail Analytics that helps enterprises drive revenue and profitability with an optimal and competitive cost structure. Our experts can build custom solutions that consume vast amounts of data available with retailers and churn out actionable KPI dashboards.


Datmotiv enables organizations conceptualize and drive a well-thought out big data program across multiple domains and focus areas, which enable them to achieve the twin objectives of revenue maximization and increasing operational efficiency. On one hand, we enable organizations to get the right customer insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross-sell and up-sell, and on the other, we help them plug revenue leakages and detect fraud thereby driving profitability. Through a comprehensive set of big data services and big data solutions straddling across the spectrum from big data consulting to support and managed services, we help you generate actionable insights from your big data initiatives.


Datamotiv provides an organized approach to technology and data that will empower the whole organization with the right tools and trusted information to achieve critical milestones and goals. Datamotiv has the experience, industry knowledge, analytic skills and professional people to seamlessly engage and communicate with the administrators, clinicians, and IT personnel needed to achieve a new level of data driven decision making across a healthcare organization. 


Datamotiv provides the necessary resources and services required for strategy development, project planning, technology needs, assessments, implementation, knowledge transfer and mentoring or ongoing staff augmentation. Datamotiv works with variety of leading technologies such as SAP Business Objects, Qlik, tableau, Microsoft and others.


  • How many product/product types are being sold per hour
  • How many items are being sold every hour for every salesperson labor hour
  • How many transactions are happening every hour for the store
  • How much sales/revenue/profit is being made per square feet for a store
  • How many of the customers visits actually got converted into a transaction
  • What is the percentage of returning customers?
  • What is the fixed and variable cost of opening per month?
  • Variable cost of opening per hour
  • How many KWH is used per square foot of retail store
  • How much percentage of the inventory is not displayed
  • What is the average time for a product on the shelf before it gets sold?
  • What percentage of the goods have expired or been damaged?
  • Percentage of products that have been returned in a given time period
  • Ratio of the employee expense to actual store sales
  • Average Value of the Inventory at any given time
  • How often the store is able to sell complete inventory in a year


  • How much and how often do customers order
  • What and how frequently do customers buy
  • How many items do customers buy and how often
  • What is the average profit per transaction?
  • How many times do customers visit store per month
  • How much time do customers spend in the store / spend shopping
  • Do customers buy during every visit?


  • YTD Sales/QTD Sales/MTD Sales
  • Percentage of Profit made from sale of goods
  • What is the relative price of a product compared to a benchmark price
  • Amount due to suppliers or vendors after completion or delivery of product order
  • Amount to be received upon completion of order
  • What is the percentage of return on the amount invested?
  • What is the margin or markup percentage on products that are being sold
  • What % of revenue and profit is generated from non-house brands vs in house brands


  • Who sells what and at what price? Competence for the top vendor group?
  • Who deals with what material group? What are the purchase volumes and discounts bargained in the negotiations by buyer?
  • Is there any vendor specific risk involved in procurement?
  • What is the distribution for the purchase of the goods at various vendors?
  • Uncertainty in the procurement of the material if any? Is a new Vendor needed to avoid supply risk?
  • Vendor performance based on the price-quality matrix.
  • Is the shelf space managed aptly by placing right product mix?


  • How many customer complaints occurred?
  • What is the customer attrition rate?
  • What is the customer satisfaction level?
  • How many rejections and replacement took place in a particular period?
  • What is the effectiveness of loyalty programs?


  • What is the closed sales YTD (Year to date) / QTD (Quarter to Date) vs Target? Benchmarked against values for the same period last year?
  • How much is the sales by region and top performers within each region?
  • How much is the sales and profit margin, category & product family wise?
  • How much is the average sales per Customer/ Transaction?
  • What was the cost of goods sold and supply chain management cost?
  • What is the cost of service per customer?
  • Is there any potential stock-out situations in the stores?


  • What is the performance of county/state/ Product Category?
  • How to analyse the impact of promotions in real time?
  • How we can make effective use of POS data to adjust the operations and optimize the outcomes.
  • How can data help us to reduce the out of stock situation?
  • How to use click stream data for enhancing e-commerce?
  • Are we reaching the right segment of customers with promotions?
  • What is the impact of one department’s action and activities on another department?
  • How much inventory should be maintained?
  • What is the cost effectiveness of different sales channel?
  • What customer will want in the future?
  • How data can be used to develop statistical model for better predictions?


Customer 360

Use analytics to uncover opportunities in all types of data from a variety of sources, within and beyond your organization.
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Store Analytics

Use analytics to uncover opportunities in all types of data from a variety of sources, within and beyond your organization.
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