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Inpatient Reports

Inpatient Reports

1.Physician Activity Report Detail and Summary – Inpatient module

Description: The detail physician activity report gives the details of all the patients that a provider has seen as referring or admitting or attending or consulting or anesthesiologist or surgery provider or performing provider during a giving time range. The report has the start date, end date, location, and provider id parameters. This report can be run for multiple providers and multiple locations by giving the parameters. The summary report gives the just case counts for the providers.

Users:  Medical staff services. used report for OPPE and the Physician Press Ganey surveys

2.Admission Order set utilization- Inpatient module

Description: This report tracks the orders placed by physicians by using order sets and by regular orders. The report is used to identify physicians who are not using order sets and educate them.
Users: Administrative

3.IP Patient weights – Inpatient module

Description: Tracks all the weight history of patients during LOS in a hospital. Has Start date, End date and Department parameters.

Users: Nutritionists and DieticiansHumalog orders – Inpatient orders

4.Humalog orders – Inpatient orders

Description: Tracks all the Humalog (Insulin Lispro) orders placed. Has order placed start date, end date and department parameters.

Users: Nursing staff

5.Outreach Dispense medication log – Inpatient

Description: This report tracks all the take home med orders dispensed by pharmacies as a part of their outreach program. Has start date, end date and location parameters.

Users: Pharmacists

6.Diabetic Patient Identifier – Inpatient module

Description: Identifies Diabetic patients by looking at the medication records who are on anti- hypoglycemic meds and/or diagnosed with diabetes.


July 14, 2016


Analytics, Health Care