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Take a look inside any successful organization and you’ll likely discover data management technology powering every process. It’s that critical. But not every solution is created the same. It’s no longer enough just to manage your data – you need to unleash its potential. Datmotiv enables organizations conceptualize and drive a well-thought out bEvery decision, every business move, every successful customer interaction – they all come down to high-quality, well-integrated data. If you don’t have it, you don’t win.


No matter where your data is stored – from legacy systems to Hadoop – Datamotiv’s Data Management experts helps you access the data, Create data management rules once and reuse them, giving you a standard, repeatable method for improving and integrating data. At Datamotiv, we’re experts at making sure data is prepped for visualization, analytics or operational use. As organizations put more data in Hadoop, you need to get value from that information. We give you fast, easy access to Hadoop via technologies such as Hortonworks, allowing you to add big data to existing IT processes.

Business Intelligence

Support effective decision-making with practical intelligence derived from reliable data, delivered through DataMotiv’s Business Intelligence solutions.

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Data Integration

Data Integration or ETL (extract-transform-load) is arguably the most critical and costly part of any Information Management system.Check the latest tools.

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Data Governance

Effective data governance is vital to preserving data quality and enables you to fully exploit the economic value of your data. From management to mastery, we have you covered.

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Master Data Management

A solid Master Data Management strategy delivers an accessible and single version of the truth, enables process efficiencies, compliance, and meaningful cost-reduction.

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Data Warehousing

Industry leaders understand the value of accurate, timely data, and invest accordingly in Data Warehouse solutions. We position you to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

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Mobile Analytics

An effective Business Intelligence system delivers accurate information, when it is needed, in a format easily understood with sufficient detail to enable effective and fully informed decision making.

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Data Quality & Validation

Increase your organization’s data quality, awareness and maintenance with DataMotiv’s Data Quality. Challenges to data quality will become easily identifiable and effectively dealt.

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Data Conversion

Change can come in several forms, a data conversion needs to take into account that business processes will continue to evolve, and that data and data quality will continue to fluctuate. 

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