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Determining the intercourse associated with foetus by utilizing a certain health system

Determining the intercourse for the foetus is performed by the decree of Allaah, may He be exalted and glorified. The angel is commanded to create it as Allaah willed in the decree from eternity. Allaah states (interpretation associated with meaning):

“To Allaah belongs the kingdom associated with the heavens in addition to planet. He produces exactly just what He wills. He bestows female (offspring) upon who He wills, and bestows male (offspring) upon who He wills”

The one who desires Allaah to bless him with righteous offspring must first avail himself regarding the means https://www.hotlatinwomen.net/mail-order-brides, through getting hitched and intercourse that is having permissible methods. There’s nothing incorrect using the one that wishes their offspring to be female or male availing himself associated with the means which were proven in the form of experience or tradition or science that is modern.

There was a declaration given because of the Islamic Fiqh Council from the Muslim World League which verifies this notion. In it, it states:

It really is permissible to find the intercourse for the foetus by normal techniques, such as for instance health programs, chemical washing and selecting the period of sex to coincide using the period of ovulation, since these are permissible implies that don’t include such a thing haraam.

To see the declaration in full in Arabic, please click with this website link:

The main one who would like to find legitimate normal means of seeking the intercourse associated with the foetus might relate to health practitioners and professionals in this industry.