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Iowa Lotto that is hot Fraudster Brother Arrested, New Details of $1.2M Ripoff Emerge

The bro of Iowa Hot Lotto scammer Eddie Tipton has been charged with ongoing conduct that is criminal thanks up to a new forensic breakthrough within the situation.

Iowa Hot Lotto fraud case: Tommy Tipton, sibling of former lottery security director Eddie Tipton, has become also accused of being part of a criminal community that claimed at the very least six rigged jackpots in five split states.

Tommy Tipton, 51, a former justice of the peace and reserve officer from Flatonia, Texas, was arrested for his part in claiming fixed jackpots in Colorado and Oklahoma that allegedly netted him $1.2 million. He reportedly handed himself in to police and has since been released on bail.

His sibling Eddie, the director that is former of security at the Multi-State Lottery Corporation, was convicted last year of rigging the $16.5 million Iowa Hot Lotto draw in 2010.

At his test, prosecutors argued that he had installed a hack that is self-destructing to guarantee the random number generator (RNG) used in the draw on December 29, 2010 picked their figures. He also tampered with surveillance cameras so their installation of the program could not be detected.

Eddie Tipton ended up being sentenced to ten years in prison last July, and is now awaiting test on charges linking him to phony jackpots in Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Wisconsin.

Three-Day-A-Year Pattern

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Sportsbooks Celebrate the Return associated with NHL with Generous Refund Feature on Overtime Games

The NHL came back to action Saturday night after several months of inactivity as a result of having less a collective bargaining contract between the players and owners. A deal was finally hammered down not as much as two weeks ago, and with the want to get a season that is shortened immediately, training camps were limited to simply one week, with no exhibition games between teams, and the beginning of the actual playing fast tracked.

It was a unfortunate state of affairs for the NHL, its players, and its fans, coming off a season that saw the league earn record revenues. And as with most sports league strikes, it’s uncertain exactly how the fans will react to the return for the game. Many fans declared these were done with all the league, and would no longer support it with their time or dollars. However, the exact same situation has been played out through several North American sports hits, plus the fans always have a tendency to come back in reasonably short order and leave the league no worse off than it had been previously.

That potential loss of fans nevertheless doesn’t just impact the NHL, but also sportsbooks like GEObet.com. In an attempt to make sure that their hockey wagering customers return to following, and wagering, on the activity, the online casino, poker, and sportsbook operator is giving their players a generous refund feature on any wager made on a