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We began this thread because most of the Ghanaian/Nigerian articles i ran across were many years old

I do want to relate to brides become which may be preparing comparable days to mine which will be a Ghanaian & Nigerian collaboration. I’m arranging a belated 2015 wedding, We nevertheless have actually a great deal to complete! Exactly How will you be getting on?

Hi Cocoabean, firstly congratulations!

I’m Congolese engaged and getting married to a Nigerian therefore I will surely connect when it comes to fusing two countries together!

There is certainly a thread for “2015 brides” in the African/Caribbean Forum and there’s many more as much as date articles with comparable brides.

I’m May 2015 so three months to get and that can fortunately state i really do n’t have that much left to complete though there are things i must do but can’t be done until nearer the full time.