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Its important features are high game compatibility, game reliability, turbo buttons, both on-screen controls, hardware keyboards, and much more according to your particular needs of Game Boy fun. You can use it on different platforms and it is available in Google Play for $1.46. My OldBoy emulator is your right partner on your Android device when to run your popular Game Boy Color. It is...

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Anyway, this is basically a proof-of-concept that the Wanderbar can also be used for game translations. …I really should’ve used a simpler, smaller game to demonstrate that fact, though. The problem is that it’s all in Japanese, and the hacks are so complicated that Final Fantasy VI hacking experts have had difficulty translating it for years. Basically, if you’re interested in playing around with the...

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There’s definitely a trend when it comes to the capability of handhelds, in which the technology is usually a generation behind the current home console of the time. The Sega Game Gear, for example, was comparable to a Master System, rather than its dark and brooding Sega Genesis/MegaDrive counterpart. This is also technically true for Game Boy titles, yet Nintendo seemed to use this caveat...

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