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Is Austin actually the city that is worst regarding ghosting? The Worst Behaved Men in USA

According to data from its Singles in the us Survey, Match reported that men in Austin are 549% more likely than other singles to “ghost.”

To clarify, “ghosting” is really what Match defines as when someone disappears after having a few days, days, or months of consistent communication and/or times with no explanation.

Match also claims Austin guys are 400% more likely to “breadcrumb” and 297% almost certainly going to “come straight back as a zombie.”

They define “zombieing” as “when a ghost comes back from the dead, days or months later — frequently by means of sporadic texts or interaction via social media.” “Breadcrumbing” is defined as “keeping in contact with somebody via messages or other social media engagement in order to keep your base within the door with little to no intention of wanting a relationship.”

Match additionally said that solitary guys in Austin were 347% prone to constantly check their phone for a first date (a practice 90% associated with ladies surveyed said they didn’t need).

Of all people Match surveyed in Austin, 65% said they’ve breadcrumbed in Austin, 75% said they’d ghosted someone and 59% said they’d been a zombie.