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The rope bunny is a person who is tangled up with rope by another person.

From the side that is flip of BDSM rigger, you’ve got the rope bunny.

The rope bunny is somebody who is tangled up with rope by another person. Line bunny can additionally be described once the model that is tangled up to show the shibari practices and knots. Many people when you look at the BDSM and kink community start to see the term “rope bunny” as being a title towards a target, as opposed to a dynamic participant when you look at the tying. Therefore a far more neutral term “rope bottom” can also be utilized. Many rope bunny’s really take pleasure in the energy trade that is included with being tangled up. These are generally helpless, managed, and restrained. This could be a large switch on for folks who on the bright side are controlling or have significantly more effective roles on just about every day to day basis. The sensation that is tight look associated with rope covered around their skin is extremely sensual in the wild.