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Web Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The philosophy of sex explores these subjects both conceptually and normatively

The scene that the clear presence of almost any force at all is coercive, negates the voluntary nature of participation in sex, and therefore is morally objectionable happens to be expressed by Charlene Muehlenhard and Jennifer Schrag (see their “Nonviolent Sexual Coercion”). They list, among other items, “status coercion” (when ladies are coerced into sexual intercourse or wedding by way of a man’s career) and “discrimination against lesbians” (which discrimination compels ladies into having intimate relationships just with males) as types of coercion that undermine the voluntary nature of involvement by feamales in intercourse with guys. But with regards to the type or kind of situation we’ve in your mind, it could be more accurate to express either that some pressures aren’t coercive and never appreciably undermine voluntariness, or that some pressures are coercive but are however perhaps not morally objectionable. Will it be constantly correct that the existence of almost any stress placed on one individual by another quantities to coercion that negates the voluntary nature of permission, to ensure that subsequent activity that is sexual morally incorrect?