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Tiny Dick – Well, you can find dudes available to you with uncommonly small dicks…even freakishly small people.

Therefore, it figures that there’d be considered a fetish on the market for tiny peepees. Then here’s a subreddit that you can not only be proud of but find dudes who are proud of you if that’s you – that is if you have a small cock, like looking at them or both. #SmallPackagePride

Tops And Bottoms – Besides publishing photos, this subreddit may be the place that is perfect exclusive tops and bottoms to chat one another up, flirt, “hook up” for e-sex, and maybe also hook up.

Guys In Panties – Got a kink for guys, also those for the macho variety, to dress in women’s underwear? Do you really love to dress up by doing this and post photos of your self? Then this is basically the subreddit you should be on.

Jacking – This is a different one where it is said by the title all.