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Friday is a special game girl go games – it’s a solitaire deck builder. Each round you draw two danger cards and decide which one of them to fight. But the tougher the fight, the greater the potential reward. Players get points in two ways – by collecting supplies from sailed ships they control and from successfully betting on which player will control a ship when...

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The Pre-Sequel’s low-gravity gameplay may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but consider it a nice bonus in addition to the main course. The only issue with how this dark fantasy RPG handles local multiplayer is the lack of split-screen. All characters must remain close to each other and, worst of all, players have to take turns accessing menus. Free Nintendo Switch Online Trial Available For...

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Titanfall’s parkour movement system was groundbreaking when it came out, almost relegating its titular giant robots to a second banana feature. But it’s the Attrition game mode that’s particularly notable here. This main multiplayer mode allows players to score points by taking out waves of AI-controlled bots, in addition to other players and their Titans. Create a loadout that focuses on auto-targeting human weapons and...

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The visuals are lovely, rendered 3D. Warm hardwood floors, comfortable looking furniture, strange objects that have no apparent use, all classic Tesshi-e. The jazzy musical accompaniment will sound very familiar to whoever play sonic games has ever played one of these simple games, but fortunately it can be muted. It would are already nice to get a save button, though, considering farmville has become graced...

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