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Traits of men that have intercourse with males whom look for lovers making use of mobile apps and hookup that is internet

A bit of research implies that males who look for male intimate lovers through mobile and internet platforms are more inclined to take part in high-risk behaviours compared to those whom look for partners through other means; nonetheless, other research will not.

For instance, three studies reported high-risk behaviours and high prices of STIs among men who desired sex that is male through mobile apps.

  • In a U.S. Study that recruited 375 guys from Los Angeles making use of the Grindr app that is mobile3), 39% reported having had unprotected receptive anal sex within the past 90 days & most of these that has unprotected anal sex also reported reduced perceptions to be in danger for HIV. Around 80% associated with the test had been tested for HIV when you look at the year that is last while 4% had never ever been tested. The 5% whom reported being HIV-positive additionally had greater variety of rectal intercourse lovers within the last few 3 months. These findings declare that males linking on Grindr are doing danger behaviour and therefore HIV-positive guys may never be serosorting to protected prospective uninfected partners (3).
  • Another U.S. Research (8) of HIV-negative guys who attended a center contrasted prices of STIs of the whom utilized apps that are mobile those that came across male intimate lovers in-person or through online hook-up websites. More than a two year duration, 7,184 self-identified clinic that is HIV-negative tested for STIs and self-reported their drug usage behaviours plus the social media techniques they utilized to fulfill intimate lovers.