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NASA – Nationwide Aeronautics and Area Management. Whitson and Tani connect a fluid tray towards the Destiny Laboratory.


Global area facility Commander Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer Dan Tani finished a 7-hour, 4-minute spacewalk at 11:54 a.m. EST Saturday, continuing the outside outfitting associated with the Harmony node in its brand brand new place while watching U.S. laboratory Destiny.

Image at right: Credit: NASA television

The spacewalkers completed all tasks that are scheduled including another go through the starboard Solar Alpha Rotary Joint, and did some get-ahead act as well. The spacewalk otherwise had been comparable to usually the one on Nov. 20.

After making the airlock and starting equipment and tools, Whitson removed, vented and stowed an ammonia jumper, element of a short-term cooling loop. Getting rid of it permitted connection for the hookup of this permanent Loop B ammonia loop that is cooling a 2nd fluid tray regarding the place’s outside.

Tani meanwhile configured tools, then eliminated two fluid caps to organize for connection of the permanent cooling Loop B.

like in the Nov. 20 spacewalk, a lot of this outing ended up being dedicated to assist a fluid tray, this time around Harmony’s Loop B fluid tray. The 300-pound, 18.5-foot tray had been relocated from the short-term place in the S0 truss, in the center associated with the place’s primary truss, to Destiny, atop the port avionics tray.