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Haven the Sissy Slut Ch. 1. He got a text, read it and then responded having a chuckle before putting it right right right back in the sofa

The males got up and began to remove and my master strolled over and unceremoniously shoved their cock that is entire into lips and down my neck. He grabbed my ponytails and started initially to approximately bang my eager mouth, once you understand that we did not have a very gag reflex. Inside and outside, inside and outside, making use of my lips such as for instance a damp pussy. My sight ended up being obscured, seeing just the bottom part of my masters belly while he viciously raped my lips. This served a few purposes in so it revealed them whom my master ended up being, but additionally set the tone and displayed my abilities. It was to become a violent, gang rape of my lips, you don’t need to be sweet or loving.

He sawed inside and outside of my lips, the only noises had been from his cock blending with my mouth. inside and out, in and out, base to tip and again. He stepped apart and a cock that is new presented quickly before being rammed into my waiting lips. After several plunges, a unique cock, then the past one. I happened to be astonished at just exactly just how comparable the four cocks had been, all between 8-9 inches, all approximately the exact same girth, all circumcised. All of them got in close, stroking their dicks, beating them back at my mind, face and arms while you might break my lips. They got needy and impatient and started looking to get two dicks within my lips at once and I also simply kneeled here permitting these me personallyn being gorgeous me personally, loving it.