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Period Three. –Jeff acknowledging to Annie he does bring sensations on her behalf, “Geography of Global Conflict”.

Within 3rd year with each other at Greendale, Jeff was at cures and had been becoming a little bit even more sincere about his or her feelings towards Annie. A Model UN showdown with Annie’s opponent unexpectedly concluded in a frank dialogue relating to the 2 of these people about their union. Despite the fact that put in the year continue to uncertain of exactly where the two endured, the two carried on to enjoy flirtatious memories in the session; there had been actually several appreciable your in other timelines. These people nevertheless were able to associate on a few affairs like assisting making use of the Glee group, attempting to find a student named Kim McFadden who Jeff offended, exchanging messages throughout the time consuming cushions and covers combat, and prosecuting Todd for sabotaging their particular the field of biology lab have fun.