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The farmer that is average ВЈ28,300 in subsidies last year and ВЈ2,100 from agriculture.

The cereal that is average destroyed ВЈ9,500 on farming.

Our verdict

The point that is basic correct. Last farmers did make more from subsidies on average than from agriculture year. Set up figures that are exact correct is based on whether you appear at subsidies or all re payments that farmers receive from government schemes.

“Last 12 months the normal farm made £2,100 from agriculture and £28,300 from subsidies. The typical cereal farmer really lost £9,500 by farming cereals.”

The point that is basic correct on average, farmers throughout the British make more cash from subsidies than they are doing from farming. Cereal farmers generate losses. The figures that are exact on what you class as being a ‘subsidy’.

On average, English farms made a ВЈ39,000 profit this past year from their agriculture business.

Only £2,100 of this originated from farming, that will be just what springs to many people’s mind if they think about farming. They lost £9,500 on agriculture in 2014/15 if we l k at cereal farms alone.

Having said that, the common English farm received ВЈ24,900 in subsidies this past year. When you subtract the expenses involved with making use of the subsidies, like using machinery and labour, the advantage is closer to ВЈ22,400.

Exactly What do a‘subsidy’ is called by you?

The figure reached by The Times of ВЈ28,300 includes the profit that is total expenses from the Single Payment Scheme, and also the revenue after costs from agri-environment payments. These are all monies compensated to farmers by the government as well as the EU.

However, Defra told us it doesn’t class these agri-environment payments as ‘subsidies’ gotten by farmers. That’s they lose as a result of carrying out work which benefits the environment and isn’t farming, such as planting w dland because they are meant to compensate farmers for any income.

Subsidies relate genuinely to money which supports farmers’ income and protects them against such things as big alterations in market costs.