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Jake Gyllenhaal Watching Then-Girlfriend Kirsten Dunst Consume a Salad Is Nevertheless the photo that is best on the web

#TBT: sign in every Thursday even as we throw it returning to several of the most popular celebrity partners of them all.

Who: Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal, 38, and Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress Kirsten Dunst, 36.

The way they Met: Jake and Kirsten had been introduced through the sister that is former’s actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, who co-starred alongside Dunst in Mona Lisa Smile. They started dating immediately after, in 2002.

The reason we Loved Them: they certainly were simply two children in love (er, perhaps), making debateable choices and going much too fast.

Both had been within their very early 20s if they started dating, immediately after that they relocated in together and adopted A shepherd that is german named.