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Maintaining Time: The Foundation of B.C. & A.D. Whenever is Easter?

The concept of counting years has been in existence for as long as we now have written documents, however the notion of syncing up where everyone else begins counting is reasonably brand brand brand new. Today the standard that is international to designate years according to a old-fashioned reckoning of the season Jesus was created — the “A.D. ” and “B.C. ” system.

“A.D. ” stands for anno domini, Latin for “in the year for the lord, ” and relates particularly towards the delivery of Jesus Christ. “B.C. ” appears for “before Christ. ” In English, it’s quite common for “A.D. ” to precede the 12 months, so the interpretation of “A.D. 2014” would read “in the season of our lord 2014. ” In the past few years, an alternative solution kind of B.C. /A.D.