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The professor behind Yale’s popular course that is online The Science of Well-Being, stocks easy methods to feel happier at this time

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  • Psychology additionally the life that is good led by teacher Laurie Santos, became Yale’s most well known on-campus program with its 317-year history in 2018.
  • Santos adapted this course for Coursera as well as its on line equivalent, The Science of Well-Being, trended extremely within the very early times of the pandemic and social distancing — 2.2 million people enrolled online.
  • We spoke to Professor Santos to know why The Science of Well-Being is resonating therefore highly, and just how it could help to improve

    daily life now.

  • Below, she shares her insights, including strategies for enhancing well-being that is mental a pandemic.
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The Science of Well-Being, experienced an explosion in enrollment as 2.9 billion people sheltered in place at the start of the pandemic, Yale professor Laurie Santos’ online course.

Made available from Yale on Coursera, the course tackles the therapy of individual joy and, seemingly overnight, received 2.2 million enrollments. Overwhelming success is not precisely unprecedented for the program; whenever Santos offered an on-campus variation in 2018, Psychology while the Good Life, it became typically the most popular program into the college’s 317-year history.