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IslamQA: Can A muslim girl have actually male friends? The Islamic view of getting buddies associated with the opposite gender

Salam. We have a relevant concern over kid buddies? Could it be fine to own buddies who will be men and you also understand with you or take your guys friendship over the line that they won’t do anything? Or should we Muslim girls don’t have any buddies that are men?

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

There are not any texts when you look at the Quran additionally the Sunnah that apply precisely to presenting “friends” of the sex that is opposite. Technically getting together with and conversing with individuals of the alternative intercourse isn’t forbidden, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having expert relationships with individuals associated with opposing intercourse, or having acquaintances for the opposite gender.

When befriending an individual for the sex that is opposite you will find constantly two facets in play.

You want to connect as fellow humans and to enjoy their companionship with them soul-to-soul, to know them. But we have our brains’ hereditary instincts then could possibly get inside our way and battle against us. It really is impractical to just take away the brain’s understanding that people are working with an individual associated with opposite gender, someone who could possibly become our partner. Even in the event we you will need to keep all things expert and platonic, regardless of if we flourish in having an excellent relationship for months or years, our minds can invariably slip up to make certain that we begin to get romantically associated with them.