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Big Data

When healthcare providers are able to do more with their data, they’re empowered to deliver earlier interventions, enhance collaboration among medical professionals and improve patient outcomes. Two healthcare organizations made these advances and transformed patient care with the help of master data management (MDM) solutions. A healthcare provider–created demand-driven model Instead of focusing on volume, profitability and supply-driven services, one provider wanted to turn the traditional healthcare...

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Apache Spark has enjoyed tremendous momentum over the past two years. A rising number of organizations have adopted it as a flexible and high-performance addition to their big data environments. Over that time, perceptions of Spark have evolved from an alternative to MapReduceto a big data processing engine and development environment to being described as an analytics operating system. Each perception is accurate, and the...

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“You know, one day I’ll be able to just take a picture of this document with my phone and send it to them.” Wait, that’s my mother in-law talking. Cloud ingestion is here. The cloud is practically old. Hollywood has done a dozen movies on it. Cloud adoption is soaring. And if you’ve kept up, your music, pictures, and movies are already stored there. Your email...

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Strategy. Who has time for it? When implementing a big data solution, a lot of businesses skimp on the up-front strategic work. But without a clear-cut, big data strategy, falling into one of two major traps is easy. The first trap is to treat big data as an end unto itself—“everybody else is doing it; we better do it too.” The second trap is to...

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If your security measures can’t stop cyber criminals from even attempting to breach your security, the next best thing is to catch them in the act of trying. Unfortunately, in industries such as financial services, detecting intruders before they vanish is becoming increasingly difficult. Bringing past and future together Data warehouses and analytics tools provide an excellent snapshot of the past—and in our robust market for traditional...

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