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How does sex addiction hurt partners so much?

there are numerous typical presumptions and misunderstandings sex that is surrounding which could have damaging and hurtful impacts in the lovers of those struggling with it. They could result from well-meaning buddies, untrained practitioners and even through the lovers by themselves.

Here I’d like to completely clean up and correct those hateful pounds to be able to show why sex addiction hurts lovers a great deal.

“It’s like an affair”

Because regarding the nature of intercourse addiction, hearing the headlines your partner is an intercourse addict can feel a huge betrayal. It may feel just like they’ve had an event. Nevertheless, this contrast could be unhelpful when attempting to comprehend and function with the issue. Firstly, intercourse addiction is certainly not a few issue. Usually infidelity happens being a total outcome of issues when you look at the relationship which leads to some kind of breakdown. And whilst dilemmas inside the relationship may donate to intercourse addiction, these are typically never the explanation for it. Many individuals analyse the partnership to get the basis for the addiction, however in all chance, the addiction pre-dates the connection. The roots of sex addiction tend to begin in childhood and adolescence as discussed in my previous blog.

“You’ll get over it”

This easy platitude might have a hugely harmful influence on lovers it underestimates how difficult it is to stay in a relationship with a recovering sex addict as it denies their struggle and their right to feel hurt and.