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Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Aren’t Dating. This short article is through the archive of our partner.

Today in celebrity gossip: A rumored power few is certainly not really coupling, Ryan Lochte has a tremendously stylish supper, and Prince Harry is not any revenge that is longer seeking.

Him so sexily in Vanilla Sky and they radiated such electric chemistry in the greatest movie ever made, Knight and Day, it turns out that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are not dating though she tried to kill. There was indeed a rumor they had been, but reps or whoever are actually stating that the thing that is whole incorrect. They truly are just buddies, guys, therefore relax. You can nevertheless ‘ship them all that’s necessary in your fanfic site, there is absolutely nothing incorrect with that, however in true to life, IRL, t’ain’t happening. Sorry, but that is the truth from it. Numerous of you had been hoping that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz had been, like, making down a great deal and doin’ other things together, y’know, intimate stuff, and also you thought about any of it all day long in your workplace as you had been said to be doing things. It had been simply an actual good thing for plenty of one to think of, Cameron doing a bit of types of ridiculous dance, Tom looking in with this strange glare of their, saying something smooth love, “Hello Earth feminine, shall we few for the purposes of intimate launch?” Simply many of you’ve got been fantasizing about that, nevertheless now the impression is shattered.

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