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Android Applications Downloads

Waze Deep Links lets you open the application easily through the external URL. While the parking lot navigation links are unique and provide the particulars about each parking lot location. The same can be shared on your driving community including social media channels, websites, and many more. The real-time information on the Waze always helps you in knowing what’s happening on the road. You can...

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Right now it’s in Beta, and only on iOS, but eventually it will be cross-platform with full multiplayer over the internet. The game is free and includes content from many base games, but you can also expand it with in-app purchases. Obviously, it’s not as technically complex as its inspiration, but it’s the best attempt at such a sim on a mobile platform to date....

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The money you collected can be spent on buying new furniture for Tom’s house. Tom is a charming and clever cat who lives in your home. He isn’t only your favorite pet, but also a true friend. You’re going to have a wonderful time together playing, performing various missions and of course talking! Just say any phrase into your microphone and you’ll hear Tom repeating...

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