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Although a lot of females could be lured to tell a guy they are seeing for a few days or months, “Make me personally your gf or otherwise!”

,I think that such ultimatums just provide to position you in a situation of weakness. It truly makes a woman look “desperate”.

Your notion of providing him every reason–and opportunity–to choose you by himself is a better idea than utilizing “leverage tactics”.

So far as *how* to help make him select you, which will rely on how well matched you will be and just how you show him that you will be an unusual, good quality girl which he could be silly to allow slide by him.

Many males don’t have any dilemmas investing in a females who they think is a great catch. For as long as you have got labored on making yourself that girl, then chances are you should not accept a man who not appreciate that unusual possibility to be with somebody as if you.

Manage your self with feminine elegance, and show course all the time.