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Data Management

Every decision, every business move, every successful customer interaction – they all come down to high-quality, well-integrated data. If you don’t have it, you don’t win. 

Data Analytics

Analyze complex data relationships with the help of advanced analytical, statistical and processing algorithms to gain superior insights, and guide your day-to-day and future strategies.

Social Analytics

Our Social Listening & Metrics go beyond just monitoring and use, to enhance content marketing, business development, product management and, the multiple other functions.

Support Services

Our Support Subscription provides expert technical assistance for organizations, implementing solutions for your data management, reporting and analytical needs.

Data Management

Strategy, Execution & Support

Data management can often mean the difference between a business that will succeed and one that will drown in too much – disorganized information. With high-quality, well-managed data, you can gain a clearer picture of your business., access the right data when you need it, and make better – more strategic decisions. From data quality to data integration, to master data management; Datamotiv’s solutions will help you stop reacting to bad data, and start using your data to make a difference.

The value of data depends on what you do with it, it’s source? Is it quantity? Is it format? And the first step in unlocking its potential lies in data management.

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Empowering Every User To Analyze. Act. Engage.

Our frameworks and accelerators help expedite your Data, and Analytics Implementation, leveraging a balanced approach to analyze business objectives, and translate them into strategic and operational KPIs.

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Social media analytics

Listening & Metrics

Datamotiv’s Social Listening works around the clock by listening to conversations on your brands and products on variety of topics. These conversations will be processed using topic analysis, word cloud and sentiment analysis; eliminating the unnecessary, and finding meaning in the conversations. Then we will present these insights in a clean format, making it easy for you to take action.


We deliver enterprise class world wide production support.

Our support engineers have many years of experience helping our clients with big data platform solutions and data management. A number of engineers on our staff have given talks and written numerous technical blogs on various topics.

Managed services

IT Helpdesk support

Development outsourcing

Maintenance and support

Server and desktop management

Virtual CIO services

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